IT WAS HALLOWEEN night and I was dressed as a 1980’s prom queen – white satiny dress with a diagonal hem, bangs sprayed hard as a rock and feathered like a tidal wave, light blue eyeliner and Zink Pink lipstick.  I didn’t look hot.  Val was Jimmy Connors in tight white terrycloth shorts and an Izod tee, terrycloth wristbands, a black bowl-cut wig, and a cheap Prince racket he found at the Youth Ranch. We drank Peach Schnapps and Vodka and were fuzzy warm from the booze and from jumping around to Men At Work in honor of my costume.  We were waiting for our friend Tim to call to let us know where to meet for the night. 

"Love is No Small Thing" is in The Cincinnati Review 8:1 (2011).  Here's a brief note by me about the story on the Cincinnati Review website.  Also, here's a nice mention by fiction editor Michael Griffith in an interview with Steve Almond.