“I want to tell you something heartbreaking,” my daughter Lindsey says. We’re playing, Heartbreak Hotel. We’ve played it in the car since she was ten, old enough to know what heartbreak and heartache is about. It’s not a win-lose game. It’s a get-to-know-you game. Lindsey drives. We’re on Highway 20 near Picabo, a two-laner through high desert. It’s June and we’re in southern Idaho on an afternoon when the air is so hot the heat hovers over the road in a blur. Sagebrush and more sagebrush sprinkle the brown plains and mountains green. The sky blooms blue above us.

"Heartbreak Hotel" was up on Five Chapters
 in July, 2013.  The story also won second place for Glimmer Train's 2012 Fall Fiction Open: http://www.glimmertrainpress.com/writer/html/finalists.asp?id=161